A passion for Paisley – NEW Girls Range

A passion for Paisley – Children’s bedding for the older girl and teen


In the next few weeks we have our brand new Paisley range arriving. We thought we’d give you a sneak preview of this pretty new bedding collection.

The teardrop shape Paisley pattern has proved popular over the years and has been used on everything from haute couture to a whole range of everyday products and gift items.  It’s thought to have originated in Persia, becoming popular in the West during the 18th and 19th centuries.  We felt the Paisley design lent itself perfectly to a range with the older child in mind and it’s something that can last into their teens without looking ‘babyish’.  We’ve made the design very feminine without being too girly.

The range consists of a single sized quilt, quilted sham, quilted cushion and gorgeous Frills duvet set.  The quilt, cushion and sham are hand quilted and made from 100% cotton.  The appliquéd and embroidered Paisley motifs look striking in teal and fuchsia and will make a striking statement in your child’s room.

Frills Bedding

For a touch of sophistication and a really grown up look our new Frills Duvet Set will really fit the bill.  Made from 100% cotton it is beautifully layered with embroidery anglais and ruched cotton.  It looks stunning and can coordinate with any of our colour accessories making it an extremely versatile bedding item.

As a whole the Paisley range mixes and matches perfectly with the majority of our coloured accessories giving you an endless choice of colour combinations.

Watch out for our new Paisley print duvet set coming in the New Year!


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